Many ancient temples and other historical and majestic places near Ambaji town are main attractions for pilgrims. 

Gabbar Hill Temple, which is one of the Shaktipith among 51 Shaktipithas. Gabbar Hill is about 5 km. away from Ambaji Town. The holly Gabbar Hill known as Gabbar Gokh of ‘Maā  Ambaji’.  There are about 1200 steps to ascent (About 1,600 feet high from sea level).  Rope-way (Udan Khatola) is available to reach at Mandir, on top of the Hill.
The Gabbar Hill Temple

Here one can worship 51 Shaktipith temples surronding Gabbar Hill.
51 Shaktipith

On the East of Ambaji Town, about 6 km away, Koteshwar is situated.  There are very ancient Gaumukh Kund (flowing water from Gaumukh – (mouth of cow, carving from marble stone)) and Lord Shiva Temple on the bank of river Saraswati. Here is also Rishi Valmiki Gufa (Cave), Gau Aashram, Lord Luv – Kush Temple,   Lord Rama and goddess Sita Mata Temple to see. Here is many marble carving articles shops and small scale marble industries.
Koteshwar Mahadev Temple

Kumbharia is a (Jain Digambar) temple of loard 'Mahavir Buddha'. it  is just 3 km away from ambaji in the womb of nature.

Jain Temple Kumbharia

Kamakshi Temple of Goddess Kamakshi ,  is just 2 km away from Ambaji town on Khedbhrama highway. 
Kamashi Mata Temple

About 1.5 km away from Ambaji, on Khedbhramma highway, ‘Kailash Tekari ’ (Hill) is holly temple of  Lord Shiva on the top of the hill. Near the temple, Shree Arasuri Ambaji Mata Devasthan trust built up vast and beautiful botanical garden named ‘Mangalya Van’.
Kailash Tekari

Rinchhadiya Mahadev Temple & historical Vav & Dam
A very ancient temple of Lord Shiva (Rinchhadiya Mahadev) surrounding mountains is just 5 km away from Ambaji in the forest area. Here is ancient mythical Vav(step well) near the temple.  There is a huge Dam on the river Saraswati in the village Rinchhadi.

Shree Gayatri Mata TempleKumbheshvar Mahadev TempleShree Camumda Mata Temple

Shree Ganesha TemplePancmukhi Hanumanji TempleRokadia Hanumanji Temple

Valmiki Rishi AshramHarneshwar Mahadev TemplePataleshwar Mahadev Temple

Shree Khodiyar Mata TmepleShree Ajaymata TempleShree Chundadiwala Mataji Temple